The blog of an aspiring technologist.

I'm a web developer.

I'm the lead developer behind The Gleaners Interface.

I got my start in web development making fast Wordpress Spinups for non-profits.

I run an irc server and spend time asking and answering questions in the popular #django and #python channels on freenode.

I live in Vermont, and love to travel.

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Coded on a Plane

By the way, this site was coded on the way here. It's still a work in progress, because with all the work I've been doing, I haven't actually had the time to write up a basic portfolio site.

So after getting through airport security two hours early for my flight, (Burlington International doesn't quite bruise the ego the way a big place like Logan does), I sat down and did all the fun stuff that developers often skip. You need a README file, that hopefully can act as a revision history, a git repository, the legwork to make a site actually run on Heroku (or you deployment platform of choice), and ran out of fluff to work on with time to spare.

When all that was left to do was actually writing the site, I had already boarded the plane and figured I'd try writing code from miles up. Long story short, there have been a few words said about coding on a plane, but I don't think they cover that sometimes software mostly writes itself.

The site is written in Django (and references its own source in the bottom right). If you're a fan of messing with websites, there's a brief window between now and the end of the week that you can post to this blog yourself if you're interested in looking through the code to see the open security hole (hint: I'm still deciding on an auth model).

That said, happy hacking!